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Artista is an innovative platform for aspiring Artists. We are the first open-source platform that offers free sign up to artists to openly connect with the recruiters worldwide. We eliminate the hurdles of artists in finding a chance to showcase their talent. And help the recruiters to filter out and find the best possible talents for their project that matches their requirements.

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You are here because your aspiration is invincible and there is nothing that can stop you from conquering and reaching your dreams. Artista values your dreams and paves a way to fulfil that. All you have to do is simply Download the Artista app, register your profile, post your pictures, openly connect with recruiters, explore opportunities, apply for the job and get cast. It's that simple. So, why wait? Download Artista now.

Let’s transform your life.

If you are an Artist, Artista offers you an innovative platform to find or post recruitment calls for various creative projects worldwide. Sign up for free, stay up to date with recruitment alerts and take your career to the next level.


Struggling to find Artists?

Want to find actors, models, singers, dancers, photographers, makeup artists or stylists without the help of mediators? Then get the right ones with Artista, a platform that will save you time and money by eliminating the expense of hosting auditions. From Artista, you can find the best artists that aren't simply a match for your project-but a great fit that brings your project to life. Download the Artista app, register your profile, post a casting call, view the applicants, and quickly filter out the applicants by profile type, gender, age, location, ethnicity etc. Finally, choose the best talents and start your project.


Love Artista

The talents and recruiters love Artista for its service and quality. Join the app and explore what we have to offer. Coz, we'd love to get your love too.

Frequently asked questions

Still got any questions about Artista? Before contacting us, you might have to look through the frequently asked questions and answers in this section.

How do I apply for a job in Artista?

We are happy that you have discovered a role that matches your skills. You can apply for the job by clicking the apply now button in the job posting pages of recruiters.

I am already registered as a user in Artista's database - can I apply for an open job posting?

Of course! You can use your already existing profile to apply for a new job opening. Just log in to your profile and apply for the vacancy from there.

Can I contact the recruiter if I need to?

Yes, Artista allows you to connect with other artists and recruiters easily.

Can I use Artista without any subscription?

Yes, you can register and use Artista for free. But our premium features can be unlocked only if you are a paid member.

How can I post open acting and modelling projects in Artista?

If you are a registered recruiter in Artista who wants to post a job, you can do this by simply clicking on the post job openings button. You can provide your details and recruitments there.

As a recruiter, why should I register with Artista?

By joining Artista you can save your time and money by eliminating the expense of hosting auditions and approaching other casting agencies.

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